Behind PSC


I'm Kenia Shepherd, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Ever since I was a young child I've had an issue with feeling pretty enough. So what did I do? Well, like lots of other women I relied on a quick fix to enhance my beauty. 

I spent a large sum of money on hair products and fake lashes to feel beautiful. Yes, they fulfilled a momentary purpose, but with time I lost my real hair, lashes and a part of myself. These quick fixes are invented for us to be a forever consumer and not fix the issue.

Hey, don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a little beauty enhancement and there is no shame in that.  We all are a work in progress!

Now a resident of Texas, I created Pretty Society to be part of the solution, by bringing women natural products to help enhance their NATURAL FEATURES. All the product have been tested personally and by close friends and family we ❤️ because we want to ensure you will be satisfied.

Thank you for trusting us. 

Kenia & Gerald     

ps..We are just starting with brows and lashes🤭