About us!

Hi ,I am Kenia Shepherd founder of Pretty Society my whole life, I have had a  battle with not being happy with the way I look, I have never felt pretty enough. So what did I do ? Well, like lots of other woman I rely on the quick fix. In that process I lost my lashes, lost my hair but most importantly, I just lost myself. Sure, I spend however much on some hair or some falsies and felt beautiful . Yes they fill the purpose that moment  but with time I lost my real hair,  I lost my real lashes this quick fixes are invented for us to be a forever consumer not fix the issue. Hey don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a little help no shame on that, we are all a work in progress! Pretty Society was created to be part of the solution by bringing women natural products to help enhance our NATURAL FEATURES. All the product have been tested by myself and lots of other people I ❤️ because we want to ensure you will be satisfied.

 Thank you for trusting us. 

Kenia & Gerald 

ps.....We are just starting with Lash & Brows🤗